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  • C$14.99 In Stock
    A wooden tanto knife is a practice knife made out of wood, typically used in combination with a wooden bokken and shoto. These tanto knives are 12″ long and perfect for use as a practice knife when working on weapon takeaway techniques. Great for self-defense training classes!
  • C$12.00 In Stock
    Sewn in hook and loop fastener for durability.Elastic fabric for a more comfortable fit and won’t slide off when you’re fighting or working out.A Velcro closure making this a perfect value. SIZE & COLOR SIZE:   12FT($12.00) & 18FT($15.00)COLOR: DARK BLUE, YELLOW, RED.
  • C$32.95 Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    WKF Approved for CompetitionAvailable in Blue or RedVelcro straps ensure a snug fitAbsorbant protecting foamNew ergonomic shape provides better protectionSold as a pair
Showing 199 - 201 of 201 items

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