For Japanese, names and non-Japanese words will be translated using Japanese katakana characters. Katakana is interpreted phonetically. Most martial arts styles and other words will be translated using kanji characters which are interpreted literally. Korean is also available. Please clarify any difficult pronunciation of names in the Special Instructions area. Other languages such as Greek, Hebrew, Russian and Arabic can be embroidered but translations for these languages will need to be provided by email.

Embroidery Thread Colors

A wide variety of thread colors are available, including a variety of gold colors, metallic thread, and two-color embroidery effects such as Shadow and Outline. However, we do not recommend metallic thread for Shadow or Outline embroidery, nor do we recommend metallic thread for stiff-core belts. Also, Shadow and Outline embroidery is not available for Border, Poom, Renshi, or Stripe belts.

KOREAN, JAPANESE, CHINESE translate available

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